You may contact us with any questions you have. The most common questions we receive are listed below:

Student questions
What is the minimum age to participate in the program?
The program is a youth program and students aged 16 to 24 that have successfully completed high school can apply.
Do I work or go to school?
Both. The program is designed around a 40 hour "work week". Students are enrolled at the local community college and have to complete classwork per the established curriculum which is approximately two days per week. In addition to the college attendence, students will work and train at their employer's work site, which is approximately three days per week. Students will be paid for the time they work according to the program guidelines.
How much do I earn?
Hourly rates are defined in the program guidelines. Based on the skills learned, the hourly rate increases during the four- year program.
If I quit mid program, do I owe anything?
If you decide to quit anytime before full completion of the program then you will be responsible for any out of pocket cost paid by the employer (e.g. tuition payments exceeding grants obtained by the student and books).
Do I need my own tools?
No, tools required and used during the program will be provided by the employer.
When can I apply?
We like for you to contact us at any time and we encourage middle schoolers to come visit us. We provide tours to anybody that is interested in learning more about modern manufacturing and our apprenticeship program.
However, applications are not accepted before the final quarter of your senior year.
Please also see our calendar section.
Parent questions
Do I have to pay for the training?
No. We require students to apply for all grants that may be available to them. Any cost not covered by grants will be paid for by the employer. In addition, the apprentices will be paid for all hours worked (not for the hours they spend at college).
Does my child need a car?
Yes. Your child needs reliable transportation to college and to work. The wages earned will be sufficient for your child to afford a vehicle and insurance.
Questions of employers that consider participating in the program
How can a company join the program?
The program is open to companies of all sizes. Apprenticeship2020 will help with the application for the federal registration of the program, and we have program guidelines available for the established trade disciplines.
Is the program limited to T&D, maintenance and quality?
No. However, these disciplines are already setup and have established guidelines.
A program guideline for any skilled trade can be developed as long as it is supported by a community college curriculum.